March 9, 2018 Society No Comments

Stress is becoming an increasing problem in our society today for a variety of reasons, not least because of the time constraints individuals are facing throughout their daily lives. High levels of stress, particularly in the workplace are detrimental to an efficient and sustainable economy, and can place unnecessary burdens on health care systems.

Stress has been described as the state we experience when the demands that are made upon us cannot be counter-balanced by our abilities to deal with them. We all need some pressure in our lives, but when the pressure becomes too much to bear, we experience stress.

One common manifestation of stress occurs during periods of traffic congestion, which take place for example to and from work. The release of such stress has sometimes been described as “road rage”, and has become an increasing social problem. It has been the cause of many attacks on car drivers and has even resulted in several deaths.

Written by LinusWealth