November 26, 2018 Society No Comments

Tourism is the worlds largest industry, affecting the lives of millions of people. While it can bring benefits, these are seldom spread evenly. Sustainable recreation is an environmentally and socially responsible form of tourism which focuses on the intrinsic attractions of the natural and cultural environment and minimises the impacts on ecosystems and the human community, while providing economic benefits to local residents on sustained rather than seasonal or short-term basis. Recreation such as arts and sport makes a significant contribution to quality of life and should be accessible to everyone. Recreation can also contribute significantly to regeneration and bring communities together.

As part of work towards a UK strategy for neighbourhood renewal, a Policy Action Team is looking at how to maximise the benefit of arts, sport and leisure for poor neighbourhoods, and particularly disaffected young people and ethnic minorities. The National Lottery distributors are also being encouraged to demonstrate how their strategies contribute to better access and neighbourhood regeneration.

Written by LinusWealth