May 28, 2018 Principles No Comments

Preferable futures are those we positively hope for and work to create. Such desirable futures are based on our hopes, aspirations and dreams. They embody our notions of what a better world might be like. Some of the criteria available for constructing images of preferable futures are related to commonalities of human experience: sustainability, health, peace, justice, and so on.

In the context of sustainable development, a preferable future will hopefully include a cleaner environment, a sustained level of economic development but not involving excessive waste and pollution, and the protection of natural resources and biodiversity. Within society, we may wish to develop a sense of involvement or citizenship in the sustainable development process, through the delivery of quality education, a reappraisal of our core values systems and the empowerment of communities to make their own decisions regarding the futures that they want to see. Ultimately, it is up to us to decide the future that we which to have for ourselves and our children.

Written by LinusWealth