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Biodiversity can be defined as the richness and variety of living organisms and their habitats. Not only do we have a responsibility to protect the diversity of life on Earth, but we also rely on species diversity for essential goods and services. In the UK the main sustainability objectives are to conserve the wide variety of wildlife species and habitats throughout the country, and to correctly manage commercial species.

Biodiversity Indicators:

  • Threatened and extinct species

This indicator compares the number of threatened or extinct species with the number of known species. In the UK for example, of the 63 known species of mammals, 22% are threatened or nearly extinct.

  • Habitat fragmentation and protected areas

The Principles of Sustainability classifies land area categories from I to VI, indicating different levels of protection. The highest protection levels are categories I and II which represent wilderness areas, nature reserves and natural parks. These high protection areas are safeguarded against unsustainable development and exploitation.

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