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Decent, energy efficient homes contribute to social cohesion, improved health and better use of fossil fuels and other resources. Housing plays a key role in urban renewal and local regeneration. It should be the goal of any government to offer everyone the opportunity of a decent home. The following indicators illustrate the accessibility of good quality housing for a diverse population in the community. Adequate and affordable housing is an indicator of social and economic stability.

  • Yearly % increase in number of dwelling units
  • Population affording median home sale price
  • Median rent as % of per capita income
  • Occupancy rate of housing units
  • Home ownership rate
  • Rate of real estate development in community (Is development rate outstripping the communities ability to manage growth)
  • Population affording median rental units
  • Housing set aside for low-to-moderate income (Community support for low-income houses)
  • Distribution of affordable housing throughout community (Is the affordable housing concentrated in a certain area)
  • Homeless people per capita
  • People using homeless shelters in a year / homeless in the community (Need for shelters)
  • Homeless shelters in community (Access to shelters)
  • Waiting time for subsidized housing (Access to affordable housing)
  • Number of rehabilitated affordable housing units
  • Dwellings in need of major repair (Longevity of housing resources)
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