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To achieve stable and sustainable growth, we need a well-educated and adaptable labour-force. Learning also has a wider contribution to make – it promotes active citizenship and helps to combat social exclusion. It opens up opportunities for people and gives them the chance to make a full contribution to the community. In a world which is changing rapidly, people need the skills to adapt, and opportunities to update them throughout their lives.

Education Indicators:

  • Percentage of students who, by the end of their learning programmes, have been taught key sustainability concepts,
  • Percentage of graduates and diplomates finding full-time employment, or pursuing further study, within six months of completing their programmes,
  • Proportion of pupils aged 16 achieving 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C (or equivalent qualifications) during the academic year in schools maintained by the authority,
  • Qualifications at age 19,
  • The number of enrolments on all adult education courses provided and secured by the local authority per 1,000 adult population.
Written by LinusWealth